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Time Travel and Pancakes

Pancake invite this Sunday June 4 any time after 9am, bring your self and them, long form nostalgia below... Time travel is real and google will prove it to you every time you get on street view. The street view of our house at 311 W. Anapamu is a patchwork of passes made by the many-lensed search engine’s roving watchers. From some angles my blue truck is visible parked nearby at the curb, full of camping firewood. In others you will catch glimpses of the recently departed 2002 Honda Civics. Peter’s storage van is ever present sliding one space forward or back. Peter claims he has moved that van twice a week to avoid street sweeping for over twenty-four years. When you look at our house from some angles it is bright spring daylight and the yard is empty. A lonely green bicycle is parked on the porch. There are no hammocks or PiƱatas. No stumps for splitting wood or ring toss on the post. Then you move the mouse and the street view rotates and suddenly there

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