The first year of grad school draws near the finish. Spring quarter continues the busy hike toward summer. I currently find myself teaching two classes and registered for five. Yup thats a busy week. Several days I arrive on campus at eight and leave after ten. Studio time is becoming more and more precious and I treasure it when I find it. Today will be spent reading sixty midterm papers, each around eight pages long. I'm getting very fast, it helps that most of them are very well written. Something I didn't expect, based on my peers experience, but my students have proven very good at understanding the material. I am teaching a diverse group of undergrads, all the ins and outs of Visual Literacy (1a) Its art theory and I truly love digging into it. Makes me happy to codify my views on something by sharing it with thirty other people at once. Its one thing to think something its an entirely different thing to say your thoughts out loud in front of a group. It becomes a great moment to confirm what you really believe about a topic. Today will be a day of sitting in the sun and reading papers, not such a bad life at all.

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