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Small is a town

Master of Fine Arts MFA at UCSB


Step three, eat something

Cash in Hand

Cowboys do artsy stuff too, damn it

Capital of my Land

This here is South of the beach... You want over there.

Meet you on the other side.

On the Run in Stumptown

My Stomach yields the floor to the Senior Senator of Mensano

Under the Tuscan Sun

I load sixteen tons and what do I get.

Jenny asked for the funnier version

A Statement for UCSB

The waiting room is Full, Please use the Roof

Nickname Fame

The Basis of this is Albright

Anxiety? Hum a few Bars wouldya?

Too much coffee or an actual Shakespearian tragedy?

Daunted: the act of looking forward wrongly

The Recapture

Bail Out of this Work Sled

One less day to wait

Hot on the Trail

Lunchman cometh

Arnold Kemp is Smart

The Entirety of a Weekend Spent.

My Uncle uses an 80/20 mix on his sausage

Cadigan to Melroy, Melroy to Watt, Double Play

Kay Melroy Marries Duane Douglass

Bread and Cheese

Bill Watt aka William Hall Watt the IV (fourth)

Brianna McGrew turns the Corner

Morning Cereal and Ramblin Rod off the Air

Portland Naked Bike Ride

That Damn Zeartman

Jenny Cadigan the One and Only

Dust off the Boots

The Desk Of Patrick Melroy

Parade Floats

A Reprinting of Merlin Hawkins Eulogy

I saw David Carradine Play Piano

Stripey Sox Stripey Sox

Merlin Orville Hawkins

The Whole Week Long

Long Weekends

Yellow Shirts

Friday Website

one to kick