Capital of my Land

Welcome to the hard part. Try for me this link possibly the greatest broadcast of contemporary music. Also read Michael Perry, his last book "Population 485" I finished on my last night in Washington and left in the hands of my mother. She can read hundreds of pages a night regardless of density.

The Hogan family has invited me in for the weekend. Patrick, Krista, Jake, Zoe, and Laura, their version of a wacky neighbor. I have known these funny people for 13 years. I often show up with no warning, as many of you know my favorite trick, and they always let me in and they often feed me. They are just being polite but it always feels like a solid layer of wagons gets circled around me and I can relax. At some point you will get the run down on each member of the crew. They are a cast of characters of mythic proportions. They live in the valley and they have a perfect curb out front for my little Gypsy Jalopy (like that Giddy-Up?). Some people just have the right kind of house, these are those people and this is that house. The back porch functions like the holy benches in 19th century, known most for the rapturous intellectual debates intiated by the loudest creatives of the day. To sit on that porch and keep up is to step into the ring of a rusty toned boxing gym in the gut of an old neighborhood. The jabs come fast but they are intended to make you stronger and build up your own reflexes for conversation, not to knock you down. The result leaves you with a codified thought, tested and treated now with a new kind of toughener. After a session on the porch you feel full and yet a little lighter on your feet. Kinda raring for the next conversation. Oh and Zoe has amazing butt and poo jokes.

School is breaking over my head and I am tucked and ready to pull out and come up for air the wave breaking on the shore behind me, if you have ever swam in the in the ocean and come out from under a wave you can count on two wonderful certainties. One, the air is going to taste like angels and two, shut your mouth stupid, here comes the next wave. I believe everything is going to be okay. Not like, its okay I think the bad guys are gone we can go outside now... but more of an actual sense of fortitude. This here grad experience is taking shape and I like the shape its forming. Kinda a fractal. Ask Jake about fractals, he is nine and explained it better than any professor in tenure. Eat that tenure committee.

The trailer is fine, though I met some neighbors the other morning who wanted to make sure their tax funded public roads were not used as campgrounds. They should know, I think they are dumb and have been watching too much T.V. and I will not be sending them a Christmas Card, so there.

Okay to sum up, I have the greatest friends in the world, listen to OPB Music, read Michael Perry and I am still a Cowboy.


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