This here is South of the beach... You want over there.

I moved to Santa Barbara. Did you know that? I am in a strange world and no-one knows me here. Its kinda like the FBI artist protection service. They pick up an artist with an established network and drop him in some crazy town in America where he has to put it all back together starting from scratch, well cousin this here's "scratch."

I have met some very kind and generous people thus far. And by kind I mean they have kept fairly sober and away from the cliffs. I will fill you in later on their profiles. I don't know if I have properly thanked everyone who helped me in those last few days before lift off.
Max Melroy and his parents are the greatest people ever. I literally would not have made it here without them and by literally I mean in the gravity sense not the "O.M.G. Donna the food court is literally out of anything edible!"
Abby and the other Burks are far to kind to this brother when it concerns letting him drop junk on her porch.
Oh and the Douglass's are my damn super hero's, never have I had that amount of kindness poured on my shoulders.

You will find me currently just up from the beach in the Land Commander in Goleta, the weather is perfect and camping is a great life. But I feel the move into a less mobile lifestyle will be coming sooner than later.

I have moved into my studio under the soccer stadium, they had a game last night I didn't hang around but I assume we won, we have a very good looking team this year and by good looking I mean, legs like steel corded barbarians. But after everything out of the truck I realized I have lots of stuff but no shelves. So I went and met the woodshop tech, a twenty year veteran of the shop. He gave the me the once over and then the once around and after a quick quiz in which he counted and inventoried all my fingers, I was cleared to use the facilities. Wooden shelves should be in my future very soon.

If you want to start planing your vacations now you should know I have classes Monday through Thursday. The Santa Barbara airport is very near the school and I miss you all a great deal, some more than others. You know who you are.


  1. We miss you too, even though you are still a phone call away just as you were here, there is now more space between us.

    How is Cali coffee? have you found a coffee shop?

  2. What about Giddy-Up? I like to think I helped too. Maybe just a little bit? Maybe with morale? I cooked! I kept U-Betcha fed. I bought lots of stuff. I rode shotgun, tried to be good company. Don't forget the Giddy-Up.


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