Hot on the Trail

Gyddie-Up gets here in five days. She is hot on the trail of a perfect NYC 4th of July. On Saturday if you are in New York, go look for the bombs bursting in air and she will be dancing directly underneath them. Then she's on a fast track to my coast.

The nights are long, I am sure this weekend will be full of warm dark pools of night. Evenings that can't be fixed by twirling fans or stripping all your clothes off. Nights that can only be fixed by skinny dipping and cool blended drinks and secrets whispered across the water with only the stars and summer moon providing judgment. Nights that were meant to start legends during. Nights where new scars are formed and new loves grow. The mighty summer has magic about it, and anyone trying to tout the beauty of some other season, needs to remember the joy of watching someone new peel off a swimsuit and lead you by the hand into the cool water of adventure. Summer is for the brave and the lovely, summer is for the bold and the swift, summer is for "all the right reasons" and for, forgetting all the reasons why not, and only believing the moments of "Hell Yeah!"

Bring on my summer, I was born to this.


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