The Recapture

Saturday turned into a brilliant night full of fun people and great food. For those in attendance, I am humbled by your friendships, thank you. For those who missed it, I will be having another one next year about the same time, mark your calendars. Site to be announced at later date.

The actual anniversary of me dropping into this life went beautifully. Giddy-Up and I completely wrecked any idea of diet. Well done Jenny, Bill, and Gus (new cast member, defined later)
Here is the basic run-down of the day.
Bunk's sandwiches for the best breakfast sandwich on the planet. Your cousin made the yolk perfectly and they gave me a raspberry cupcake from the SugarPimp. Off to Washington park and the Portland Rose Garden, great views. Wild goose chase in Vancouver for a U-Pick berry place, then Hazel Dell Brewpub, for the best Club Sandwich in the world. I have tried hundreds and the Brewpub Club is still the best. Duane and my mom showed up, surprising Alessandra but not me, I just assume them to show up everywhere, some kind of mom child connection.

Leaving the newlyweds behind we headed to Sauvie Island via St. Johns and the very tall St. Johns bridge. We hit the U-Pick feilds like hobos just off a northbound crawler. Two pounds of Blueberries then off to the barn to coo at the animals and buy soda pops at the farm store. Root Beer and Vanillia Cream, slow driving around the back of the island headed to the beach and the mighty Columbia river.
"How mighty" she asked? "So mighty when the ocean sees it coming it runs the other way." I says.

After the appropriate amount of walking and making out on the beach we headed back into the thick of it, landing on the porch of the New Old Lompoc with the aforementioned trio. After two plates of nachos we hot footed it over to Apizza Shollz. We got two of the last pies of the night and were glad for it. Finishing up watching the Toure De France at Gus and Bill's with icy blended rum drink in hand. Crash bang bam into bed and call that exactly the right way to celebrate the end of one year and set up expectations for the next year.

Brief description of Gus Baum: He has a trumpet that would rival any treasure in the Indianna Jones movies, and he knows how to play it, a passion and skill which can only lead the observer to believe in a truly deep and meaningful soul, regardless of how Fratty he drinks, he has funk down in there and we would all be better off if he let it out more regularly.


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