Too much coffee or an actual Shakespearian tragedy?

How many lances does it take to bring the charging bull down. It could be me or it could be the world but one of us is gonna have to bend on this one, because neither of us can keep up this pace.

I have no truck, little money, the job is going away, the girlfriend is back east, I'm moving to a new state, and I am more than positive I have a new cracked tooth deep in the back of my head. In other words, my horse just died somewhere past El Paso, the herd ran off so I got no cattle, I'm running from some trouble in Tulsa, and I broke a spur, and the campfire just went out, my life has become a country western song.

I have been saying for years that my Grandma Vonda had a saying, "When you are on your way home and it starts raining, there comes a moment when you can't get any wetter, so that's the moment when you should start jumping in puddles and splashing around, even better is when you except that this moment will get here sooner or later, so you might as well lean into that puddle at the first sight of drops on your face." She knew as I do now, that rain can't hurt you if you don't let it, all it can do is make your shoes feel a little heavier.

What you do with what you have defines you, if you are at all concerned about definitions, and just as you pull through at that very ruff moment and you look around to take the bow, you realize you were so busy solving your dilemma by yourself, and feeling sorry for yourself that your audience up and left your theater at the intermission.

Fixing problems gets old, so sometimes its more important to fix myself. My problems often feel so overwelming they require extra breathing and extra flexing of gut, but over and over I find that just causes hyperventalation and cramps.

I can't fix the truck, its one of those impossible riddles created by some obscure philosophy proffessor. Where all of the elements in the problem feed back in on each other and make any solution more problematic than the next. Which leaves you with some weird calculation of just not solving anything, maybe there is a time to pull your chips back from the table and realize this is just the wrong time to play this game. Which means its time for a new game.

Shall we establish the rules up front, lets.

One- keep your gun hand free and ready.
Two- kiss whenever possibble because not getting a kiss is unacceptable.
Three- Give up on getting it right, just get it good, that will be enough.
Four- This aint a tightrope asshole, walk around a little and get some perspective.
Five- Eat too much, laugh too long, drink it while you still can, the buzz is always worth the hang.
Six- Cross your eyes or fingers but never your friends.
Seven- If I am not having a good time then I am wasting time.
Eight- Objects are less important than objectives.
Nine- Own it.
Ten- Let it out.

That said, lets put this entire stack of records on and let the sound spin out over us. Its probably a good idea to follow the river even if we can't see the end, worst case scenario we end up at the beach and I have always liked the beach.

Regarding Vonda May Hawkins, redhead, she gave good advice and laughed a lot, she was the kind of person you made friends with, and then cherish even more when she makes a friend of you. She had cancer and a family, guess which one she spent more time thinking about. Lets just say as bad as anything ever gets, well at least it aint cancer.


  1. All Hail Vonda May Hawkins!!! I'm all about jumping in the puddles! I'll take any body of water I can get.

    Feeling super bad I'm so far away. My heart is with you. I want to help, remember to ask for help. I'm terrible at it, but know that everyone is always willing to lend a hand.


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