Arnold Kemp is Smart

Brash, lively, honest, and specific, Arnold Kemp went to dinner and gave a concise evaluation of Portland thus far. According the Chairman it is in fact good and right. If this town is lucky he will make it his own. I appreciate his guidance and humor regarding my near future, he is certainly one to watch.

This week will close with the annual 4th of July parade in Ridgefield Washington, where I am sure I will receive my annual disappointment at the lack of floats and creativity in the event. Every year I brave the crowds and hope for some amount of innovation in my community, and each year they let me down. I want a float building contest to pop and really make Ridgefield "float town USA." Home of the greatest float builders on earth. It could happen.

The best part of the 4th will be and is always the breakfast at Starliner, Tony Zebrun runs the amazing breakfast and it usually is more of a parade than the one in the street. There is a good chance we will have Arnold Kemp at the event this year for the first time. Everyone is very excited at his celebrity status.


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