Kay Melroy Marries Duane Douglass

On Saturday I was tasked with the great honor of Officiating over the wedding of my mother to Daune. This is the portion of the service which got rained out.

Thank you all for coming to this wedding.
Ask them to take their seats
Bret plays music for intro
Jeep pulls up
Bride and groom enter
Mike says a prayer for the couple.
Abby reads description of River of Choices.

This may be the moment when we all get back to normal.
To truly appreciate normal you have to be without it for a very long time.
“I wish things would get back to normal.”
Does anyone really remember what normal looks like?
I personally believe Normal started to fade near the beginning of Reaganomics and continued to drift away right through the nineties.
It seems like normal may have taken some extended vacation and not told anyone.
We have been looking for normal everywhere, from our jobs to our friendships.
And it just seems that normal gets further and further into the past all the time.
Like remembering when TV was normal
or when the kids were normal… or when gas was a normal price.
This is what I believe normal looks like.
When someone says… you “guys” should come to our party.
You know exactly who “GUYS” is… and you know they will be with you regardless if they or you want to go.
You stop worrying about getting rides to the airport; because there will of course be someone to take you. That someone is usually a member of the “GUYS team.”
Normal is having someone with a good opinion and they have been willing to share it with you for a very long time, in fact you can’t remember a time you didn’t rely on that opinion.
Normal is having someone who brings you a sandwich and its made exactly how you would have made it… only it tastes better.
Normal is when the future seems sane and safe and full.
Normal is that moment when you realize you have been smiling for over a month at absolutely nothing.

Normal is where we find ourselves now. This is not making do. This is not rushed, this is not unusual this is normal; these two people are what normal looks like.

I often feel when you meet new people it’s as if you have spent your entire life getting ready to know that new person. It seems like all of a sudden your decisions lead you right to this place and this person. And you get very proud of yourself for being ready and then you get a little more excited thinking that other person has been spending their time getting ready for you.
My mother has achieved so much; she is a complete nut and its what I like best about her. She has always put everyone else ahead of her,
Duane showed up just in time. I have never met anyone quite like him. The most interesting thing about Duane to me is, he is still growing.
He is still learning. Somebody forgot to tell him to get old, he just keeps moving forward, and he is not stuck.
He is exactly the kind of person I expected to show up.

These two individuals have decided to marry. Which means they are getting down to business and they are making an entirely new plan. This will not be as it was before this will never be the same again.
This will be normal, because it already is. It has felt normal to these two for several months now.
As the community that surrounds these two I am glad you are here.
I am tasking you all with looking after this couple. I am asking you all to involve
yourselves in this marriage.
I will now ask all of you to speak in one loud voice answering WE DO to my question. Will you as a community agree to support and watch over this marriage protecting it always? WE DO
(Get rings from Max)

Kay face Duane and place this ring on his finger.
Duane do you take this woman Kay to be your wife? I DO
Duane please face Kay.
Duane place this ring on Kay’s finger.
Kay do you take this man Duane to be your husband? I DO
Duane…You may kiss my mother.
We will now sign the Wedding certificate
Play music
Roger and Pat please join us.

By the power vested in me by the State of Washington, by the County of Clark, by Safeway, and by the members of this community, I now pronounce this a lawful and sound and normal marriage. Ladies and Gentleman Mr and Mrs Kay and Duane Douglass.

Please now join them in the Library for doughnuts and beverages.


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