The Entirety of a Weekend Spent.

My shoulder still lacks the flexibility I am used to. Likely the overload of fall planning in the middle of a summer which should be spent swimming and frolicking.
Its quiet in the steel desk aquarium this morning, most of the usuals are still on weekends far away. Just me and Sanford (described later than this) the phones humming with questions. Every voice urgent with worry about choosing the right loan or house or job. We provide the counsel we can and send down the line the real complicated ones.

They gave me left field on my softball team. Its in the bar league here in Portland and they have deemed me entirely too sober to play the entire game, so I will likely switch out or do some shots around the fifth inning. Apparently we are Team Evil sponsored by The Red Fox and the Florida Room.

The move is coming on fast and the equipment is slow to assemble. But soon enough I will have everything needed for Santa Barbara.


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