Bread and Cheese

Lunch... Cadigan and I ran to the market and built a brief but worthwhile lunch and the rest of the afternoon was spent in the usual manner. The sky opened and dropped all its water on just our little part of the city, and yet its still just a little too warm. People from every building came out on their loading docks and patios to watch it pour in that very specific summer way that only rain in the northwest can accomplish.
I'm planning and planning and writing the wedding service I have to give tomorrow for my mom and her new husband Duane. Well at least that's what he will be when I get done tomorrow. Its an odd sensation being briefly in charge of performing a wedding, kinda just a very small intense moment where before I start talking they will be separate, and when I stop talking they will be very completely and totally bonded, legally and soundly. Kinda like when that rain woke up the afternoon and everyone could sense we would all be a little different when it stopped and some of us would be drenched. I know tomorrow will be fine, there really isn't any way for it to go wrong, I wouldn't really tolerate that.

Patrick Melroy


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