Jenny Cadigan the One and Only

I work with Jenny Cadigan every day. I find a great deal of comfort in Ms. Cadigan's professionalism. I am sure she has no similar problem, as my behavior on a regular basis slides deeper and deeper into the likely liable.
Ms. Cadigan has a very large since of humor, though she parks it in a very closed garage at the rear of her Persona Casa. Never fear she is willing and able to keep up with any war of wits, if it so suits her. It does not always suit her. She saves her best moments of comedy for particular times of the day. Usually when ones backside has reached the thresh-hold of our interior office.
Ms. Cadigan grew up the right way and it seems to be paying off for her, she is poised and atractive and provides a certain air of former beauty pagent participant, though I believe she likely refused to pander to the judges in any superficial manner. She can handle most anything and the closest I have ever seen her to actually loosing her cool was a day I made the regrettable mistake of not stocking chocolate in my desk when the charasmatic Cadigan found herself in a moment of need.
No... friends it has been my great pleasure to befriend Jenny Cadigan and an even greater pleasure that she has befriended this salty old bore. Me of course.

Patrick Von Melroy Esq


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