My Uncle uses an 80/20 mix on his sausage

Bunks, 8:12am. I had ham on my breakfast sandwich, Watt went with the sausage. For those who have yet to have me drag them out of bed to go get one, Bunks makes the best breakfast sandwich on the planet, don't take my word for it, read the same thing in the NY Times. The eight o'clock hour is the time to get in, no traffic in the street or on the sidewalk.

The shocking part came while our cousin was making our sandwiches and the Uncle was busy stirring a giant bowl of meat. I say,"that the meatballs?"
He says, "Nah this is the sausage, thats the meatballs over there." elbow juts out at a larger bowl of meat.

It hits me of course they make their own sausage, you don't get to be on top with frozen Jimmy Dean. Watt gives me a taste of the sausage, and G to the Damnit, I thought I was gonna start dancing. Holy Cow Shit, it was amazing. Problem being, I can only have one Bunks sandwich a week, so I have to wait until at least Sunday to put the sausage in the sandwich.
Tragically, my cousin making the sandwich this morning over did the yolk, but sometimes thats why you appreciate your uncle more, he's got the skills, every time.

It is no exaggeration to say Bunk's makes Patrick Melroy fly.


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