Bill Watt aka William Hall Watt the IV (fourth)

Bill is the strongest person who has ever hit me. He wasn’t really trying so I survived. He wasn’t even mad which I believe is why I was not injured, he did however displace my entire mass with no more than a flick of his elbow. A very sobering moment, one I never again intend to provoke.

Bill has the size and strength of two Irish bouncers. But what makes him especially dangerous, besides his cold hit-man like view of people smaller than himself, is his “m to the eff to the ucking Speed.” Dude moves fast, he is not a 59’ Lincoln Continental which has to get up to speed on the straights before it can sit you back in your seat, he is more like the “Genral Lee,” you can technically see the Dukes of Hazzard in the air, but their aint a damn thing you can do about it until they land on you and foil your plans to kidnap Daisy. The point is Bill has options and he keeps them open like a 7/11.

I work with Bill and he is a very good photographer, which I have used to my benefit several times. He also is willing to try new things, any new things, really, because his physique protects him from most experiences including Vegan Thai places. I have a great deal of respect for Bill on many levels, he is very comfortable in almost every situation and excels the first chance he gets. Lucky for all of us he finds plenty of chances. Like the time the bus load of Canadian Tourists showed up and he convinced them PNCA was the leading Proctology College in the Northwest and they should all come in for a free exam. Which of course allowed us to go to lunch early that day.
The man has skills.


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