Cadigan to Melroy, Melroy to Watt, Double Play

Lunch... the carts on 10th and Alder, I dig the little greek guy on 10th, hes got dangerous good food. Then off to the park on 9th and Washington for a quick eating fest. Jenny Cadigan's Thai curry was spicy and filling so she passed it to me, I cleared the chicken then Bill went after the bamboo shoots. Then we rolled heavy through the park blocks and made our stand at Cupcake Jones on 10th and Everett. Special of the day Peanut buttter chocolate, Watt went with the taramisu. Awesome on both counts, Cadigan passed but fell for it a couple blocks later when she tried the taramisu, which she deemed to big to eat. It is possible that every bad mood can be fixed with frosting and cake, ask Giddy-Up.


  1. i like the carts. we should go there more often. it is a nice summer destination.


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