I saw David Carradine Play Piano

I was lucky enough to be invited to Ever Carradine's wedding a couple years back, in Nantucket. David Carradine her uncle was of course in attendance. Amazing tuxedo.
So I am standing next to Barry Sanders, the one I know not the hall of fame guy, though my Barry is much better in a conversation and should likely find his way into some hall of fame sometime. Anyway, Barry and Mr Carradine are chit chatting when Mr Carradine produces a silver cigarette case with unfiltered Pall Malls. He selects one and taps on the case like only movie stars can. He then snaps the case shut economically and produces a lighter from his pocket while resecuring his cigarettes in his breast pocket. After igniting the end of his cigarette Barry inquires non chalantly "Did Tarintino give you that lighter?"
Mr Carradine exhales and says "He gave me an entire case of them, here take it." and then hands his lighter to Barry, who says "Oh my god!" and hands it to me.
I stand there with my palm open and I have just a moment to glance down and see the lighter is marked on its front in slightly worn gold leters "KILL BILL" at which point David Carradine without looking swipes it out of my hand in a clean movement and hands it back to Barry saying, "I didn't give it to him I gave it to you." His hands moved so fast I didn't even blink, one second the lighter was on my palm the next it was gone. For one second I had Kill Bill's actual lighter in my hand the lighter he used daily, for one second before the Kung Fu Master showed at 69 he was still a bad ass.
Later during the reception he scooted the piano player off the bench and took over for several songs, playing and singing with the band. Old school Hollywood all the damn way.
David Carradine was found dead yesterday in Bangkok, which sucks.


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