Brianna McGrew turns the Corner

I spent yesterday itchy. Wrong shirt likely. After work colleagues Bill Watt (explained later) and Jenny Cadigan (previously mentioned) met for drinks in the famed Yurs. They know how to pour a shot of whiskey at Yurs and while there I know how to drink it. Later Cadigan, Watt, and I parted ways, they both headed to other obligations, and me off to the 21st birthday of a good friend Brianna McGrew, which she was holding at a deep Northwest Industrial gallery called SpringBox. The food was great and found myself in several verbal fencing matches. Meredith Andrews had me trying to keep up for over an hour, while Jax Gise and Vegan Mel were kind to an old man and let him rant and rave about what very small things I think I have learned. Brianna is awesome and I wish I had spent more time talking to her and Kyle, but its nice that we can now do that at a bar.
Congrats McGrew, enjoy the blackouts. Cheers.


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