My Stomach yields the floor to the Senior Senator of Mensano

Don Riegle and family put a true hurt on my stomach the other night at one of their favorite restaurants in Mensano. I couldn't tell you the name I just know I ordered too much and had a bottle of wine that would make you cry for your mother. The owner operator of this little food nirvana wouldn't let me order my pasta with the butter and sage as listed on the menu, he said this is the moment of the tomato, take that moment. And holy butter your bread on both sides, was it awesome! The pillows of ravioli were as large as my head and filled with what can only be described as soft-perfect-candy-like-favorite movie-best date ever-kind of cheese. It was like making out with that hot foreign exchange student from high school. Food remains a huge priority in my life and I truly love people who bring me closer to the best meal ever. I will think about that meal for years.

Don and much of his family, wife Laurie, daughters Ashley, and the always light on her feet Alison have been extraordinary hosts. They have opened their house and there knowledge to me and the Giddy-Up and it has been a delight on all fronts. Sadly Don left early this morning for a funeral you may be reading about soon. His dear friend from the senate died this week. It has been inspiring watching him manage his sadness. The day we heard we drove to the ocean and spent our time back and forth between the warm water and the shade of the umbrellas. I feel it must be terribly difficult to morn the loss of your longtime friend and the godfather of your child at the same time as the rest of the country. I guess at some level even grief becomes public domain. He smiled and shook my hand before leaving, it was very nice meeting him, I trust it will happen again.

Oh and there was a Biennale in Venice yesterday. Six am we departed, onboard, Dee, Alessandra, and myself on a long mission of art. We headed to Florence and took the train out to Venice. Four hour trip, and landed in the middle of what should be a fictional place but is real. Venice is in fact exactly like the movies, everywhere you turn. We boarded a water taxi and tooled up the Grand Canal and over to the Armory, or Arsonel to see the 2009 Biennale, a collection of contemporary artists from around the world. Some hits, but a lot of "This curator is obviously visually impaired." The weather was perfect and I enjoyed the conversations back and forth. We traveled eight hours for eight hours on the island. Kinda a "Smokey and the Bandit" style trip. The good news is I am getting very good at hairpin turns in the middle of the night in a stick shift up hill both ways. More on the Biennale later.

Today we return to Florence and the hunt for proper stationary.


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