Under the Tuscan Sun

The house is just east of Mensano,(sp) They have made me the get-away driver and I am enjoying the six speed Fiat rented for the purpose. It corners nicely and man do they have the right kind of corners here. Perfect angled and banked back & fourths. With not too many in the same direction to cause dizzy. But the G-Forces you can pull in a small diesel are still impressive (at least to my passengers.) First off this morning, I was faced with a difficult parallel parking situation, well not really a situation as much as a "Grade Triple A" clinic, facilitated by me, at speed no less. And on the opposite side of the road. Not that the cars are left hand drive, they are the same as the American version, it was just a small town in which we needed to get to the market like George Clooney needs a new girlfriend. Oh and it was on a hill. But if I thought that was a feet, in the next village I put the bumper two inches off the trunk of a very large olive tree, on purpose. Great parking spot really. I don't know what all the fuss about parking over here is, I intend to do the next one with my eyes closed.

The family I am staying with have been so unreasonably generous I don't really know what to do. They have provided so much and good conversation, which is odd, I think the reader will agree. We are off to pizza now, which I have informed them I am totally allergic to. They have assured me this is the kind of food you are totally not allowed to be allergic to. So I will be putting aside any pickiness in the interest of having one of those "Remember how damn good that was, why can't everything be that good?" moments.

I am safe, but I am not sure how sound.


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