Cash in Hand

We have a few new share holders, welcome. While in San Diego last weekend a few of the former colleagues from the road purchased shares in me. They and you should be happy to learn, there is free candy in the studio for any share holders that swing by. Snickers and Milky Ways hidden in the top hat next to the door. Never mind the tootsie roll junk.

The crit comes to me on Wednesday, I should be ready with a brief rundown of work to date and a few longshots I will be making the call on. I have many ideas, as is my norm, but reeling them in, is a lot like wrestling the remote from your older brother. You never quite get it all the way in your hands, but the channels keep changing, and someone is spitting in your eye a lot, slowly.

The world continues to play right into my hand, as the classes and art settle into a more constructive version of manic. The students are doing fine thanks for asking. They continue to impress me. The teachers are still playing catch up in the book of Melroy. I have faith though.

Played power forward in a basket ball game with the undergrads the other night, and was able to walk the next day, which is likely a testiment to their kindness. I am anxious to see their art as closely as I saw their jumpshots.

The family is missed, one nephew gave up his appendix this week, the other one dabbled with H1N1. I trust they are both feeling better. Happy birthday to the little one last week and the big one next month.

Studio #1309 continues the climb to comfort, see you round friend.


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