Cowboys do artsy stuff too, damn it

My studio comes closer and closer to function. Several nights now of reviewing old documents and unpacking the packed. Listing, writing, reflecting, discarding. Piles of paper no longer needed are hitting the dumpster like a mad office recycling day. Late late nights spent standing around a coffee pot I rescued from a dusty grave, I feel many of the grads are finding their purchase on this rolling and pitching cruise of ours. The coffee pot is like the center of the ship that is Harder stadium, and a few brave souls keep watch on the creativity storm late at night. We wonder in and out of each others studio, more to catch our breath than to seek any more information to add to our already complicated internal conversations. But like every good conversation it must at some point become public, and I find myself blurting out, Picnic, or Potluck or do we need a twelve foot retractable movie screen in here because I got a lead on one?
The response always in Texan "Yes, of course we do."
Shane Tolbert was wearing very good old steel toed boots to the club last night. His efforts where enormous last night, sanding and prepping thirty canvas, alternating between my gut rot coffee and glasses of red wine pulled from a cheap bottle. When it got really late Nikki and Cappi got him to drag out some of his bigger older work. Which was problematic, because Nikki and Cappi have a kinda an itch to buy art and now they had good reason, and good reason leads to big purchases. But no final sales where sealed. We did however make it to the Pita Pit on Masha's request and all were fed, love the way they make a bread bed for the veggies. With a quick stop at the co-op, a very good late night snack shack. The best treat of Tuesday night being the Peanut Butter Malt balls. Yeah they are as good as you are imagining and yes they would be worth the trip down.
Shane goes before the entire troop tonight and receives our observations, I have spent several hours giving him more than my two bits about his work and ideas and I am sure I will come up with a bit more, but I hope it doesn't get messy. But with Shane I suspect that would only make it better. He's from Texas and he knows how to throw an "ass kickin," and you would be lucky to receive one, as it might teach you more in five minutes than you learned in all of that semester spent watching the sweat rings grow under that one professors arms, or was that just me and every one in my 2d class.
Keep the faith kids life is looking up in the deep south, and make no mistake this is south of most everything. My couch is only tolerable for two nights in a row keep that in mind.


  1. i still think that peanut butter meatballs could have some potential.

  2. Just finished Population: 485. Comment to Duane, "Best book I've read in the last five years or maybe ever." Someday I envision you writing one just like it. Your choice in reading is exquisite.


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