Nick & Kristine Wedding

November 6th 2010

Who gives this woman to be married?

Please be seated.

Welcome to the wedding of two of the greatest people I know Max Nickolas Ulrich and Kristine Nicole Bowker. You each were invited here for very specific reasons, you are present because of the significant love these two people hold for you and an equal and growing love you hold for them.

Before today we loved them as individuals in a few short moments, this will all change. Everything is about to change. I know they are ready, maybe a little too ready.

You are all hear today to witness the long anticipated, long predicted, long hoped for marriage of Nick and Kristine. They will never be the same after today, the world just shifted, we are taking two individuals from this world and turning them into one family. This marriage will be unlike anything they have experienced before unlike any endeavor either of them has ever undertaken. The decisions, the choices, the trajectory of their life paths are irrevocably linked from today on. They will rely on each other in ways they never imagined possible.

The world is done giving them lemons, the world can keep its bad luck and skip the tough times we are headed straight for a marriage of legendary proportions. I anticipate these two will create a life together unlike any seen in recent memory, the kind of life that causes everyone around them to stop and take notice, I imagine women turning to men on the street asking, “why can’t you love me like that,” These two people are going to be very good at this, I know, I’ve watched it happen. I’ve seen as most of you have, the transformation these two have gone through to get them to this day.

It’s hard to find the right person these days. The world is pretty good at getting in the way and slowing down the process. But when you find that one right person, that one magical person who will forgive everything, who will look past your dents and rough edges, I ‘m mostly talking about nick here, when you find that person who will hold you at the end of the worst day ever invented. That person who smiles at you even when you aren’t looking at them. Then you hold on with both hands and lean into the storm. Nick and Kristine picked this day to declare their love for each other. They chose this moment in time to change everything, its rare when you get to do that. Its not like picking a dentist appointment or hair appointment. This is the big one, the day they have been planning toward, the moment they were scared of screwing up, but as you all know, after showing up on time, there is nothing they can do wrong, this is their day, their moment, and we all get to be here. There are very few moments in your life in which you have this much control. Look around you, look at the faces of the people who are here for you, look how happy they are to know you. I am very happy to know you, I feel very lucky to be standing here with you today. The two of you have been wonderful friends to me. I trust you very much, I love both of you, I know this is right, I know the world is just waiting to give you everything you desire. This will be the great adventure you imagined, this will be a union of strong opinions and though those opinions will not always be the same, they will always respect one another. I know you don’t always agree, but that is good, that means you both care, it would be far worse to have a partner who never questioned your decisions, who never sought to make you stronger by causing you to explain yourself. Often the greatest gift some one can give you is to challenge where you stand, and allow you to prove why you believe what you believe or to be swayed and learn something new.

The two of you have found each other and that was the hard part, this next part will be a walk in the park. Every day from this day forward you will be stronger, you will grow closer to each other than you ever thought possible.

The way you can tell these two are meant for each other is in their stories, like the one time this happened or the other time that happened, inside of each of there stories of folly and woe you will find a devout defense of the other person, never have I heard them find fault in their partners behavior or choices. At the end of the day Nick is on Kristine’s team 100 percent, and Kristine believes in her man. The proof is in the time they work to be with each other, the choice to share everything with each other. These two people already know what it means to have a partner. Now they will learn what it is like to have a better half, they will assume the role of one half of a single entity. They will be married. That is a very special and safe place to be. That is a place neither of them has ever been before. They are making a very specific choice to join together and take on this world together. That is a decision of need. He needs her, and she likewise needs him. That’s a pretty good deal, and I believe it’s going to work out great.

At this point I would ask that if anyone has cause for this union not to go forward they should take it up with the complaint department. The complaint department will be wearing white at the reception.

I know this has felt like an eternity and you will remember nothing I just said to you, but I made you copies so its okay. The total elapsed time of the most important day of your life has now been just over six minutes. Now it is your turn to speak to each other.

The vows:

Did somebody remember the rings?

Kristine, look at your man and repeat after me. Nick I choose you to be my husband. I know you, I need you, I want you, I love you today, I give you this ring to show you that that will never change.

Nick face this woman, and repeat after me. Kristine I choose you to be my wife. I know you, I need you, I want you, I love you today, I give you this ring to show you that that will never change.

Do you Max Nickolas Ulrich take this woman to be your wife to have and to hold from this day forward? He Did.

Do you Kristine Nicole Bowker take this man to be your husband to have and to hold from this day forward? She did.

I am charging each and everyone of you with a specific responsibility, protect this marriage with everything you have, when you see the world attacking them rise to their defense, when you witness doubt around them defy it, challenge anyone who dares to tear down what they are building together. These two people are a very big deal and I will not tolerate anything bad happening to them, and if each of you commit to doing the same, than we will see this marriage last forever. Please respond all together to this one question with “WE Do”. Do you the family friends and community of this couple agree to protect them always doing whatever is in your power to preserve their marriage?

On behalf of the State of California, your community, and God I pronounce you Husband and Wife.

Nick, for the first time ever, Kiss your wife.

Ladies and gentlemen please rise with me and welcome a very new thing

I present to you no longer a bride and groom but instead a husband and wife.

Presided over by The Reverend Patrick D Melroy

Held at Mayacana Country Club Santa Rosa CA


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