Two Hundred Things I am Waiting to Write

So often I listen while I talk to the person I am speaking at say nothing. I realize so often, almost in horror, that they have just been looking at me and listening for beyond my turn. They are listening like what I am saying is working. I often then apologize and thank them for letting me practice a class lecture on them. Everything I say sounds like the early framework to some contemporary culture lecture that no one has asked me to give. My audience small and fierce and kind listens away giving me room on the dance floor of our conversation to make some really outlandish gestures or worse to back myself into the table holding the punchbowl, sending the moment cascading onto the gym floor like spiked punch. Meaning a wasted moment when I should have been dancing with my partner instead of trying to impress them with my 1985 Breakin' Electric Boogaloo moves.

Luckily I catch myself just before their eyes glaze over and they start thinking about the contents of their freezers at home while simultaneously crossing my name off their list of friends to invite to speak at their wedding. My people, how great it is that you listen to any of it, you are strong and good looking. Every day I lose a hundred ideas while reading other people's content.

Then in flashes of conversation I rattle off one I have been working on in my head for far too long and my listener looks at me with this kinda puzzled look, and asks, "where did you read that?" and I know in those moments my failure to write enough.
So here are some of the two hundred ideas I need to get out.

In the Future Apps will replace the music industry and rock concerts will hold the status of the Symphony.
Computers are going to be made of people not the other way round.
Art is already so ingrained in our lives we can't see it.
Painting pictures is still important because we still like it and it’s still hard to do, like walking on a tightrope.
There should be a town somewhere in America where people live like they are in a fantasy novel about elves and goblins and things, only they still have stoves and refrigerators.
I am still scared of the dark.
Education should be treated like the answer.
Teachers should have a philosophy and trust themselves.

Okay so that shouldn't take more than a weekend to get into book form. Thanks for not talking while I said all of that, a.k.a. listening.


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