Definitions for Only Now

To be read by this computer's speech setting.

Interface. Everything else is alien to you and to us, it is the Other. We only make use of the Other through the interface. The interface is the custom or system of engagement and the physical connection we make between our bodies and the Other. Everything else is an Other. We are self-conscious and this allows us to distinguish three things: ourself, the others, and the interface bridging the first two. This distinction alone, remains contrived.

Switches. The specific point of activation and, deactivation. Switches, are typically binary but should not always be limited to the positions we call on, or off. The in-between is usually the most vital, fertile place.

Timing. Despite heroic effort to lock a single moment into a confined and re-examinable fixture or record. The experience and perception of everything progresses. We are pulled through this experience and any attempt to freeze or immobilize that experience results in... illusion. Narrative continues, even if we re-experience some previous narrative, made into a record, by an Other, we still add our own perception of this particular now and this specific version of a moment to that previously constructed record. No record is universal, or totally repriseable, every new presentation is a version. Every bite of the same apple is different.

Placement. There is not a here, and that perception matters. Knowledge of difference and specific characteristics of one locale to another allows for a great amount of understanding and orchestration. Using placement can be a very interesting practice. Not caring about placement... is lazy.

Now turn speech off, and it will be the same but different... again.


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