Five Inspirations

The reason for “why” will only ever come from with-in. But sometimes even a horse who wants to run needs a shock or a spur. So here is the spur for your art making. These prompts are all as artificial as any other reason, but if they cause you to make then they are pure gold. So go make, so that I can call you a practicing artist instead of a bum.

Time/Deadline: Create a piece or the beginning of a body of work by the last day of class.

Theme: Create a project based on the theme of personal identity. Or any other overarching subject which speaks to you.  

Process: Make a process into the piece. Develop a method or procedure which can be applied in many situations or scenarios. The piece’s choreography is the point. Make a piece in which the process and time spent doing the thing becomes the part identified as art.  
Threat: no student will receive a grade in this class with out showing the instructor a piece of art made during this session.

Respect: attempt to gain my respect by making something you love. Create a piece of art that results in me gaining respect for you. 


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