Prof Chomsky Invited to Pancakes

Professor Noam Chomsky
MIT Linguistics and Philosophy
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 32-D808
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA  

Dear Professor Noam Chomsky,

Community remains the most vital component of a spring in one’s step. By community I refer to the generous and dynamic people who come to our house and eat pancakes on a semi regular basis. These people are artists and educators, singers and activists, thinkers and children, people who ride horses and even vegans. Recently while reflecting on Martin Luther King, I stated to my friend Steven that Dr. King would have liked him quite a lot. Steven replied that Dr. King would have liked coming to pancakes. This statement of course set us to thinking who in the world would we most enjoy inviting to pancakes. Your name came up immediately. This was moments ago and now I write you this letter as invitation.

We most often make small pancakes commonly called silver dollar pancakes. They are from scratch and have fresh milk and butter in the recipe. But accommodating food preferences is our specialty and we make the best gluten free vegan pancakes in Southern California. This was certified by a young vegan friend of ours named for Tom Waits. Waits proclaimed them the best pancakes he has ever eaten and I tend to avoid arguing with people named for Tom Waits.

My wife Courtney is a Landscape Architect and runs her own company. She has three employees and numerous subcontractors, she is in charge of bacon and flipping the records. Our Sundays are spent in constant conversation from the porch to the kitchen and back again. Fueled by coffee and friendship we has out the most important issues of the day. We investigate life and satisfaction and having decisive regard for for the other people in our lives. We challenge the children to try new foods and we argue over the best ways to take coffee and the fight against human trafficking that this world should have solved a generation ago. We take every fear and anxiety and thrill for life we possess and spread them out on the table between the extra maple syrup and berries and baked egg dishes, and we pick through them to build who we are as a community. We find common ground and uneven purchases and we hold whichever ground we can against the lunacy of contemporary life. But all along we pass babies from hand to hand like a smile and joke, a sharing of the potential of the next generation. A generation that will exist as a protest just by existing. A group of mostly affluent young people whose ideas will be encouraged and championed by us just as soon as they stop crapping their pants and develop some decent questions.

Please consider taking a trip out to Santa Barbara to see us, we have a spare room in the back in the event you need a place to crash. We have very good linens. Pancakes get started anytime after 9am and you are never late when you are always welcome. No reservation required, shoes optional, but consider bringing your favorite book as we often make new people do a reading from something they believe in.

Warmly Yours,
Patrick Melroy  


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