Patrick Melroy Artist Statement Light for Dr. Jennifer Vanderpool 4/7/2011

I want to discover the thread, which is laced throughout the moments and objects of my life, which I consider classics. The aura of blue jeans, the impossible to replicate romance of the drive in movie theater. I want to uncover the elements of experiences and the specific nature of objects which allow me and my community to code them as timeless wonderful classics. I am less concerned with the individual nostalgia attached to events and objects as I am with the reasons people are compelled to attach that nostalgia in the first place. Why do we hold so strongly to certain subjects and let others drift away as debris of our culture?

I develop artistic gestures that highlight these qualities and traits of the classics. I enjoy participating with my audience as they move through the experience of creating meaningful markers attached to my projects. The tools I implement to execute this endeavor, run the gambit from textures to be touched, sounds attached to specific activities all the way to completely relocating the viewer physically. I build situations which invite or compel participation by the audience, which optimistically leads to them reaching a grand appreciation.

I believe art can exist intellectually inside of our core, I believe the human experience is filled with moments which we attach markers to which are distinctly and personally unique, these markers are what we build our definitions of time and life. I hope to provide curated experiences, which will become sticky and attach firmly to the psyche of my audience. I believe my work addresses the best parts of our culture encouraging continued discovery and progressive growth with in our society.


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