Day Light Saved

I like long legs and good hair. I like people who smile and giggle, and listen to music, and take great joy in food, I mean real true pleasure in eating a sandwich with their whole face. I like wearing a tuxedo for no reason, I like greasy sticky life, the smell of the shop, any shop, oil, wood, rust, mildew even, I like the thump of a good base line in a dark club and the cold condensation on my glass from the cold whiskey on a hot night when the band finds the right beat and remembers they are friends and that they want to make this music… not just play it. I like having a good friend to bump into during the slow parts and I like the lights to fluctuate up and down and the fullness of the crowd in a small room, pressing against the back doors just hoping to see and feel the thing they didn’t feel all day. I like the drift of my thoughts away from the problems of any given day into the thoughts of the person I am staring at, I like watching mouths while they talk. I like new ping pong tables and impromptu dance parties with dollar glow sticks. I like house warming parties full of strangers eating food like it's a competition. I like eating chocolate in bed, and trying to make the turntable play right, and I like the hall light, I like the glow of a TV on in a different room, and leaving the windows open all night and distant lights on the ridge overlooking the town, and music from some distant neighbor’s back yard, and the kid practicing drums late at night even though he’s no good yet and his whole family hates him, I like that he still does it.
I like the feeling of slipping out of bed to make coffee early, when the floors are still too cold and every window is an enemy, shining in too much light and revealing too much to your neighbors. I like getting back to bed and finding you have lost your warm spot to a tangle of hair that is giggling and sleepily proud. I like not needing anything, I like day light savings because it makes an other wise boring weekend perfect.


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